Cliff's Life Takes a Momentary Upswing in 1997, Before Becoming Stranger Than It's Been In a Lo-o-ong Time!


    Cliff Walker, April, 1997, a few hours after lopping off his butt-length hair.




Cliff in 1999 - The After-the-Contest Karaoke is Always More Fun Than the Contest Itself (Especially If You Don't Win the Contest!)


    Cliff Walker in 1999.

    The After-the-Contest Karaoke is Always More Fun Than the Contest Itself (Especially If You Don't Win the Contest!)




Cliff in 2003, After Two Solid Years of Painfully Debilitating Illness and Two Solid Weeks Without a Shave
The Tree, 2003, With But a Single Ornament Addition (below), Gets New Rice Lamps, Three-Dozen Colorful Jingle-Bellz, and a Kevin Garnett Rubber DuckySpacer
Mick Jagger (hand-cut two-color screen print by Cliff Walker - 1973-4 - with help from Jeanne and PJ)


    In 2003, a few months after lopping off butt-length hair (again) and aging rapidly from chronic illness, Cliff sees things reflected in the mirrored ball that others may not. But the Bobble-Headed Jeezis Head, who oversees all bedroom activity, actually can’t see a thing ’cause he’s made of phony porcelain.

    The Snoopy ornament, center, right; sent by a reader in 2002, looks like he’s fastened to a cross. It’s a sign on a post, to be fair, but this one, says the reader who sent it to us, is wa-a-ay too weird. We agree!

    Keep sending more ornaments — any time of the year (we keep the tree up year ‘round, and want to see it get huge some day).

    Above is the 2002 edition of the tree, right before it trembled and disassembled in Cliff’s adept hands for a newer (and much better) look. (What is it about the reflection on that big ball?) Below are two shots of the newly redecorated 2003 version, spiffed up with 100 rice lamps and three dozen brightly colored jingle bells. (And yes, that is a Kevin Garnett rubber duckie up there, and a Shaq duckie in the background. Sorry. They’ve since been joined by The Dead Duckie. Film at eleven.

    Below all that is the only known remaining copy of Cliff’s high school-era screen print of Mick Jagger (hand-cut lacquer; run of 76), just for kicks.



  Cliff in 2007  

    Cliff in May, 2007, now standing a full six inches shorter than before. Accidents will happen, as the song goes.