Where will you go
when you die?
by Cliff Walker

Most Atheists who support CRT reject the supernatural on philosophical grounds, so we know it's a trick question: you don't "go" anywhere when you die. You simply die and that's that.


When people insist that you have an "immortal soul," ask where and how the "soul" interacts with the human body. The answer, at best, reveals agnosticism. Your conscious, aware "self" depends entirely on the existence of your body, and it being healthy enough to survive.

Without a body, you're history.

Several CRT members have made provisions in their wills, to help CRT continue to survive after they cease to exist. Given a choice, we all would prefer to have the people rather than the money. But eventually, death itself is not a choice.

CRT's existence depends, in part, on continued income. Our dues and other contributions only go so far. If you want to make provisions for CRT in your will, contact Jerry.

It's a simple matter and, ultimately, it's as painless to you as death itself.

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