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Bad Press: Better Than No Press?
by Cliff Walker

CRT member Nancy Powell has been at it for almost a year now.

"Tell me, just what has she been up to?" asks one person who may have been living in a cave all this time.

"Oh, she wants the Cub Scouts to stop using school facilities after hours," replies another person -- someone who takes the time to keep abreast of local current events.

"Now, why would she want to do that?" asks the cave-dweller.

But that's not what Nancy wants. She couldn't get that even if she did want it, because all groups -- including the Klan -- have equal access to the rental of school facilities while no classroom instruction is taking place.

So why would anyone think Nancy wants this to happen? and what does Nancy want? More importantly, why is the local press so far off base in their coverage of Nancy's simple, clearly-stated agenda?

While I cannot speak for them: the Bill Gallagher Show, the Oregonian, Willamette Week, or others, I can say that the story I heard on the local media was quite different from what Nancy said. Our Town did a fine job.

Nancy was clear and very precise in telling her story about how a school counselor tried to talk her son into joining the Tiger Cubs. She recounted the promotional letters sent home with her son and told us of a promotional wrist bracelet that the teacher attached to her son's arm.

No one could mistake the touching story about how her 6-year-old cried when told that he was not welcome to join. He eventually said, "Let's tell the Scouts I'm not gay ... so they have one less reason to hate me."

It would be impossible to miss Nancy's clincher: that the Portland Public Schools will not allow the military to recruit 17- and 18-year-olds at school, because the military discriminates against gays. "Shouldn't we provide at least this much protection for our small children?"

But they did miss Nancy's point. And now the public loses the opportunity to come out of its cave and learn the truth: that Portland Public Schools violates its own policy by recruiting for this bigoted group called the Boy Scouts of America.

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